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Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day weekend

This weekend was a busy one! Saturday we spent the day with my Mom for Mother's Day. My sister, TeaLisa, and I took Mama (GG...to the kids) and our children (Ethan, Adysen & Braydon) to the park. We wanted to make sure the boys were entertained while we were together, so there was no better option than to go to the park. Within 10 minutes the boys were so sweaty they looked like they had been playing in a sprinkler!! Adysen sat on my knee and destroyed the tablecloth Mama brought to cover the picninc table...I finally had to tear it away...out of her reach so she would stop trying to eat the paper!! Mama was very suprised to see that we had taken the kids to Free Spirit Pottery and made a large plate with the Ethan & Braydon's handprints...and Adysen's footprint on it. Right before they all left we got a phone call from Allison (who owns Adysen's daycare) and her son Cameron (who is Ethan's age and was in preschool with him) asking for us to come to their house to go swimming, so the rest of the afternoon was spent at their house down the street playing in the pool. Ethan cannot swim yet, so it was nice to see that with a life vest and floaties that he was brave enough to go down the slide into the water. He fell off of a float twice and we had to pull him out...but he was fearless!

Sunday was a special day for a few reasons. First, it was Mother's Day and I received my sweet gifts from the kids. Ethan made a picture frame with a photo of himself in it, bookmark with a sweet little poem on it, and best of all a flower pot with little ladybugs, flowers, etc on it made out of his fingerprints in paint and it came with potting soil and flower seeds. Sweet! Then, I was even more suprised to see that Jonathan had been hiding Adysen's gift from daycare from me. Who expects a gift from an infant?...well, I got one. Daycare made a card from her with a photo of her inside, a poem in a frame, and a little wooden hanging ornament with her footprint in paint on it...too cute!

Then we went off the church....it was baby dedication day!...and Adysen's 7 month birthday! This was an event that we will never forget. There were 9 children being dedicated of all ages, yet our daughter was the loudest one up there! She was laughing, making her "dinosaur" sounds, and spitting everywhere. We could not stop laughing and neither could the people in the congregation. Before it was all over Jonathan pointed out that she had spit soooo much that the bible on the alter table was wet in spots where her spit had reached!

After church it was back home to spend the afternoon with Nana (Jonathan's Mom) for Mother's Day. She does not like to make moments about her, so she still cooked and everything. She grilled hamburgers and hotdogs and Ethan was so excited to give her her gift that he would not even wait until she was finished digging through the freezer to open it herself. When we made the plate for my Mom we also made a pitcher for Nana with Ethan's handprints and Adysen's footprints on it. Next thing you know she had taken her vase of flowers off of the kitchen table and put them into the pitcher right in the middle of the table.

After lunch it was back home to do housework since we had not really been home all weekend. Then nap time!!

Happy Mother's Day to all the Mothers who read this!

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