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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

LOST Finale....did you watch yet?

Ok, well, I have two small children, so it's very hard to get uninterrupted tv time around our house. Tuesday night after I put Adysen to bed and Jonathan went to bed himself...Ethan (our 4 year old) and I finally watched the Sunday night finale of Lost. Well, Ethan fell asleep on the last 20 minutes, but he was a trooper anyway! He has not been alive to see it from start to finish, but I promise he has watched every episode with me since he's been old enough to watch tv. He loves it...and will miss is, too! Anyway, for the ones of you that have watched...did you find yourself crying for the last 30 minutes non-stop without really knowing why you were crying? Well, that was ME!!! I had 20 different theories floating around in my head. Once the final 10 minutes came it all made sense to me, but either way it was very emotional. I can remember back to 2004 when the series was being advertised on tv and there were promotional shots of the Pilot episode being shown of the crash site I told Jonathan...this is going to be a good one....I cannot miss this show, so I marked it on my calendar and in 6 years have not missed an episode...that may sound sad, but I have LOVED every second of it! I am a TV ADDICT!!!....so for me to say this is the BEST show I have ever watched I think it says a lot about the show. Heck, I even missed some episodes of Sex and the City and Friends when they were on and had to catch them later. Well, not Lost! When we were building our house and bouncing back and forth from my In-Laws house to the land in Bartow on the weekends I found myself sitting in my Sister-In-Law's room at night catching Lost before she came home at night...

It will be a greatly missed show and after 6 years it still had the viewers to keep it on the air for a few more seasons, but everything has to come to an end. I was happy to see who everyone seemed to end up with in the end and how the writers tied them all together through their lives. I was happy to see that Kate and Jack had no problem in the end making the decision that they DID in fact LOVE each other. I was happy to see that after all that Jack went through he was able to see that the plane got off of the island in the end and that he was smiling knowing that Kate was on it and going to be able to go back home...she and Claire, to be with Aaron.

I was sad to see that Hurley did not get off the island. I love Hurley and I wanted him to get home, but there was something about him...he wasn't going to leave Jack if he didn't have to.

I was SAD to see that Jack did in fact end up dying on the island....Vincent, the dog was laying beside him so that he would not die alone, but there were no other people with him, so he did die ALONE, but satisfied. Jack was always the one who wanted to fix everything/everyone, so I think he died happy/content knowing that he fixed the island. I was also sad to see that he died in the same place that he started on the island after the crash....in the bamboo grove. 6 years ago he woke up in the bamboo grove with a close up camera shot of his eye popping open....followed by the frantic run to the beach to help survivors. At that moment he was....a broken man...he was LOST! 6 years later he layed down in the same bamboo grove with a close up camera shot of his eye closing when he died....and he was FOUND!

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