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Monday, May 17, 2010

Hilton Head, SC weekend

We decided to take a short beach trip this past weekend. This was Adysen's first trip to the beach. I was hoping that she would be crawling before we went, but it turns out that sitting up was all she needed!!! Ethan always enjoys running in and out with the tide. He says it makes him feel like he's moving when he stands in the edge and watches the ride roll. We had a blast and we could not have chosen a better weekend for the weather!

After playing in the sand and water...and flying kites until the wind broke them everyone was ready for a bath and a nap. Adysen had dirt in every crease and fold of her little chubby body!!

After the naps were over Ethan wanted to go and see some boats so we went up to Shelter Cove Harbour and ate dinner outside at a neat Mexican restaurant that I grew up going to called San Miguel's. Adysen was happy to sit in her little high chair and watch us eat. She finally decided she did want her bananas and then a guy began to play guitar and sing at the bar area and she was very into that scene! She froze like a little statue....she stared at him for over five minutes without moving. I think she was trying to figure out where all the sounds were coming from.

After dinner we walked around the Marina and ended up at a little park and let Ethan play for a while. Adysen was perfectly content in a little swing all to herself.

After this Ethan said he wanted to play games so we went to Adventure Cove Arcade and played a few games and got some ice cream and headed back to the room for a little rest!

The next morning Ethan and I got up and went back out on the beach to let him pick up seashells like he always does. We ran into a little visitor on the way who was hissing and trying to bite everyone who walked past him.

Ethan let me take a few pictures of him, but not many. He was too interested in getting more wet that the day before when he actually had on a swimsuit. I ended up having to blow dry his shorts so he could wear them home once we left. LOL!

Then it was time to head home. We started out through the Resort and as we wound through the little curvy roads Jonathan noticed something in one of the little waterways between tennis courts and a golf course. Of course, we had to get out and get a closer look!

Then we were finally able to leave. Everyone had a great time and we will go back again soon. It's always too much fun to not go back!

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