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Friday, March 11, 2011

Update on the kiddos!!!

Ethan is 5 1/2...going on 15!! There are so many things to update you on with him....

He is in Kindergarten now and the year is coming to a close very soon!

We are so proud of his progress. We were really worried about him being the baby in his class since he has a late birthday. We were worried that he should stay in pre-school another year before Pre-K, but I was advised to send him on to Pre-K because once in Kindergarten if he were to not do so well he could always repeat Kindergarten. I am sooo happy to announce that he has exceeded our expectations!

He writes, knows money denominations, adds, subtracts, knows all the geometric shapes (some that I even still tend to forget), and he is loving learning how to read. We read almost daily at home which is hard because we have a 17 month old, too. Our reading time tends to be at bed time only, but at least we get to cram it into our day together! I have gotten him his own library card now, so we make bi-weekly trips to the library and he can check out up to 50 books each time. We have been bringing home bags of books too heavy for him to even carry!

Another BIG thing for him right now is that he will be in the Kindergarten Play on March 29. He is Cow #2! He has two very sweet little lines he will get to say and he has them memorized already!

And last but not least, T-Ball is about to start again and we are psyched about it! We will be coaching again this year and they will finally be able to learn field positions and actually throw each other out at first base. This will be great for them because they are used to being all over the field and just running the bases and no one gets to be thrown out. I can't wait until they can keep score!! Oh yeah, and he can actually hit off of me pitching to him and I can hit off of him pitching to me now!! Great accomplishment!

Here are a few recent pics of our Big Boy....Ethan!

Ethan at the Wildlife Center at Georgia Southern University

Ethan practicing at the Rec Dept after we signed up for T-Ball again this year

Ethan at his GG's house for Valentine's Day

And now for Miss Adysen.........17 months and growing!!!

Adysen is a hilarious little kid! She loves to laugh and loves to think that she can scare you!

She is loving little silly songs and sayings. She does the typical Patty Cake and Wheels on the Bus, but she really loves to roll her arms like she doing the Wheels on the Bus, but she thinks it's funny to just say "Roll". It's very cute! She is saying all sorts of words....besides the normal Mama and DaDa stuff she says Flower, Bird, Roll, Bowl, Toes, Sage (our Dog's name), Ethan (which sounds more like Tetan), Mo Mo (which is her version of how to say Elmo....she loves some Elmo!), George (as in Curious George), and so on. Those are just a few.

She is also counting...I can say one, then she says two, and then I say three, four, and then she gets happy and yells five! So Sweet!

She is usually a big eater, but she is getting picky about textures lately, so we have to be creative, but one thing she will always eat is Oatmeal, Bananas, and Pizza!!

And here are a few pics of Adysen...

Adysen at GG's for Valentine's Day-love the glasses!

Adysen at the Wildlife Center at Georgia Southern University
Adysen at GG's riding her new trike!

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